Beautiful Australian boulder opal and sterling silver sand cast rings
Malachite stone set in cuttlefish cast ring shank
An experimental piece. Amber, slate and sterling silver ring
Amber stone set in sterling silver with sand cast shank
Having fun with a cluster of gorgeous boulder opal, lapis lazuli and amber



One thought on “Rings

  1. Katinka Allom says:

    Hi Caedmon,
    Katinka here, I visited your shop today and tried on your leaf earrings. I wonder whether you could do a commission piece of a similar style, longer and slightly more tapered?
    I’d also be very keen to see your new pieces that are nothing but lewd.
    And lastly, your experimental ring with amber that is reminiscent of an eye on your website, do you still have that piece?
    I’ll leave my details below, great to meet you!


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